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TEAC TN-5BB vinüülplaadimängija

TEAC TN-5BB vinüülplaadimängija
1 599,00 €


Quick Overview

Turntable section
Drive system Rotation-detection-type high-precision control belt drive
Motor DC motor
Rotation speed 33-⅓rpm, 45rpm, 78prm
Wow and flutter 0.1% or less
Platter Acrylic, 30cm diameter
Tonearm section
Arm type Static-balanced S-shaped tone arm
Effective arm length 223mm
Suitable cartridge weight 4.0 to 13.0g (14 to 23 g including head-shell)
Overhang 18mm
Arm height adjustment range approx. 6mm
Cartridge section
Type MM
Output voltage 5.5 mV (1kHz, 5cm/s)
Tracking force 1.8g
Cartridge weight 7.2g
Included head-shell weight: 10g (including screws, nuts and wires)
Replacement record stylus model Ortofon 2M Red • Stylus lifespan depends on use conditions but is usually about 1000 hours.
Phono Outputs
Connector XLR × 1 pair
Connector RCA × 1 pair

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